Sign up for the "Clean Processing in Raw" class

Part 1

This class is only available to people with hardware-calibrated monitors. If your monitor isn't calibrated yet, please read this post.

My monitor is calibrated with a reputable hardware device.

Your calibration must also be proven. Your images must look the same in print as they do on screen. Prints must be from a reputable lab. If you are ordering prints for the first time, please read this post.

The prints from my lab match my screen.

Part 2

The class is for the following software. Which one/s do you use for your Raw processing?

Lightroom (version 1 to 3)
Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop CS3 to CS5)
Adobe Camera Raw (Elements 6 to 10)

The updated class content for the newer versions is in the works. Info here.

Part 3

Since there is a small amount of repetition of information between this class and the Levels Class, you are entitled to a $10 discount if you have already taken the Levels Class.

Yes, I am (or have been) in the Levels Class
No, I haven't taken the Levels Class

Part 4

The class is hosted on Facebook, and you and I need to be Friends (briefly) so I can give you access to it. Please visit my page and send me a Friend Request.

Sorry if this seems a little strange. We'll only be Friends for about thirty seconds - I'll unfriend you as soon as I've added you to the class group.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you've previously signed up for other classes, I'll still need a new Friend Request. And even if you think we're already friends, we're probably not (no offence).

I have sent you a Friend Request

Part 5

Where do you live?

Outside Australia